Value to Client

Excellence in Service: Africa Affine Partners is a results-oriented firm – we are deeply committed to excellence, professionalism and personal integrity. Client satisfaction is top priority.

Experienced Staff: Our principal staff, consultants and partners have the capability and experience to support management teams directly in research, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, strategy development, market research, finance, and risk management.

Disciplined Approach: We use established methodologies and innovative strategies to guide investment; evolving those methodologies to meet the demands and needs of a dynamic global environment.

Local Expertise, Global Reach: We combine local expertise with international experience to deliver real and sustainable value to our clients. We are on the ground and have full time staff in Kenya, Kenya, Somalia, Burundi, South Sudan and Ethiopia. We complement our local staff with international experts and technical advisors.

Africa Affine Partners

Since 2015, Africa Affine Partners has been a leader in providing affordable market research from areas that are difficult to access using traditional methods, conducting over 100k+ surveys per year.

Working with international multilaterals, NGOs, research agencies, brands, and media groups, Africa Affine Partners facilitates projects that provide critical data on resources, living conditions, and aid, measure ROI of advertisements, assess customer satisfaction, and more.

We are a full service research provider that consists of both a robust, researchers, multi-modal mobile surveying platform and a panel of respondents around the globe. Our experienced team assists clients in every step of a project, from mode selection to audience targeting, survey design, and data analysis.

Africa Affine Partners, also offers capacity building programs that help ensure stable governance, social justice, gender equity, sustainable livelihoods, social inclusion, and educational equity for citizens of all ages, the programs also directly shapes local stability, security, and adaptability in organization and countries in East Africa.

Our Work

Monitoring and Evaluation
Demographic and Customer Profiling
Brand and Perception Study
Organization and Institution Capacity Building
Global Leadership and Good Governance