Taking the pulse of brand health is vital to our clients’ continued growth. Tracking brand performance requires a reliable and consistent means of measuring awareness and purchase intent in the context of the competitive landscape. Africa Affine Partners enables tracking studies using quantitative research that can be trended over time.

We help you understand how your brand competes in the minds of consumers by identifying the set of tangible and intangible associations it evokes, relative to competitors.

We will guide your positioning in the market by understanding how your brand is viewed by existing and potential customers alike. Identify unique associations that can be a source of differentiation and gaps in consumer perceptions that you can address to grow your brand.

Brand Perception studies are particularly useful to help you:

  • Check-in regularly on customer perception of your brand relative to your competitors
  • Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns on brand perception
  • Resolve a gap between the brand qualities you want to portray and how customers actually feel
  • Identify areas for improvement based on customer perceptions