From Governments, NGOs, private sector players and all types of companies can benefit from understanding their customers on a deeper level.

Demographic information can be particularly useful for analyzing target markets. By segmenting consumers according to specific variables — such as age, gender, ethnic background, geographic location, or income — you can more readily identify different customer profiles and tailor your marketing and product development to meet the unique needs and preferences of these customers.

Every company, brand and sector is affected by public opinion. But it is the opinion of your target audience that reveals key truths about how to run your business. That’s why demographics are such an important part of marketing research. Not only do demographics encompass the study of human populations, they represent the impact that these populations have on the market. Companies seeking direct consumer feedback often utilize common demographics in their economic and marketing research. Identifying and prioritizing relevant demographics can enable you to maximize your research initiatives and radically improve your business.

Demographic profiles can provide an excellent means of discerning which aspect of the population would be a likely target for a particular product or service. Moreover, they can provide a clear view of how key brands are perceived by consumers in terms of advantages and disadvantages. In addition to creating competition, demographic profiling can reveal strategic insights into why consumers prefer one brand to another within a given sector. Ultimately, these insights can be used to increase sales for the company sponsoring the research.

Africa Affine Partners demographic research can help you design more effective business strategies and uncover opportunities for growth. We gather this data and provide insights for our clients and sometimes regularly publish demographic data and present their findings in reports that are easy to access and download.