Practical support to help organizations prove and improve their MEL and effectiveness.

Africa Affine Partners Effectiveness Programme provides organizations – big and small – with tools, insights and support to maximize their effectiveness. It’s been designed and developed in collaboration with over 100 organizations in mind. The programme aims to strengthen organizations ability to manage, evaluate, learn and be accountable for their work. It’s based on the conviction that effective development work requires robust and appropriate evidence of performance.

As a leading research firm, our research & consultancy professionals always provide you with timely expert advice, practical business solutions, and tailor-made market information. our researchers understand not only the research process, but how to put results to work for you and your clients. You can always count on our infallible expertise!

Our research focus portfolio is wide and is geared towards the Public, Private and Non-governmental sectors. Our portfolio includes: concept testing and development, advertisement Research, Media and editorial/content audit, employees’ salaries and benefits optimization, Brand Positioning, customer satisfaction surveys, conference insights and evaluation and market Research.


  1. Data Collection

We ensure that we capture data as per the objective and requirements from our clients. We use best practice research methodologies encompassing quantitative mass surveys and qualitative research (key informant interviews, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, workshops) typically using a mixed method approach for all the projects that we undertake.

All our data collection process receives in-depth quality checks throughout the cycle – from the design of the methodology and research instruments through to performing daily and final check of both qualitative and quantitative data.

We engage our local research teams located in 20 countries in Africa to undertake primary research to allow us have a full control of the research activities and to ensure a low margin of error.

We subscribe to the privacy rules, International Code of Conduct on market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

  1. Organizational Effectiveness

Good organizational health is crucial for an organization’s survival. We have developed several tools and resources to help organizations assess their strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize areas for improvement:

  • Our Health Check tool for self-assessing and bench-marking organizational capacity includes sections on monitoring, programming, beneficiary engagement and partnership among others.
  • Investing in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning reviews how small and medium-sized organizations design and fund MEL systems in their structures.
  • Theory of Change for Organizations explains how a Theory of Change can help make evidence-based decisions for key interventions, models and approaches at organizational level.

The development sector loves to measure — and maximize — its impact. Every penny spent is meant to reach beneficiaries, directly or indirectly. That means one of the biggest challenges is using limited resources to reach as many people as possible.

How can development organizations stretch their resources? The best way is to make sure that every cent, person, and chunk of time is used optimally. This is where monitoring and evaluation comes into play.

Africa Affine Partners monitors, summarize, analyze and evaluate your work from anywhere in the globe to help you surface the insights to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact of your organization.

  1. Planning

Planning is a critical component of any relevant and meaningful monitoring, measurement and evaluation

  • We help you identify SMART objectives and work with you to identify and understand your key targets & their behaviors and how your resources are utilized.
  • Our consultants help you understand where you are now, what you are trying to achieve and where you want to go.
  • We also help you define what success looks like, work out relevant KPIs and set appropriate targets to measure your activities against.
  1. Monitoring

Undertaking effective monitoring is critical. The aim is not to ‘boil the ocean’, instead we will work with you to manage costs and avoid irrelevance. The quality of monitoring will directly impact the relevance of your analysis, evaluation and ability to draw meaningful insights.

  • Our team will work with you to ensure that you are monitoring the right information.
  • For non-profit organizations, our monitoring tools will give insights on the effectiveness of your programs, weigh donations and funding against various factors to assess their success, so funding can be adjusted as necessary and the strategies can be improved upon. The results of continuous monitoring and evaluation can help prove to donors and funders that their money is being used and allocated correctly.
  1. Evaluation

Measurement and evaluation allows you to understand how you have performed against your objectives and demonstrate the impact of your activities on your organization’s bottom line. Done right, the insights derived will help inform future planning and business decisions throughout all levels of your organization.

  • Our consultants help you tell your own unique evaluation story by building on the hard work done in monitoring and adding to it by measuring what matters, rather than just counting what’s easy to count.
  • We will work with you to understand the proof points and datasets your business wants to drive.
  1. Training and Peer Learning

Complementing these tools and services, we provide a range of training courses on MEL and Effectiveness issues, and hosts working groups on a number of relevant themes for ongoing peer learning, exchange and networking. These include the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Group, Adaptive Development Group, Futures and Innovation Group, Beneficiary Feedback Group and Value for Money group.