Organizations can face a range of internal and external challenges that can undermine their effectiveness. External factors such as availability of funding or restrictions on civil society groups require specific, targeted efforts often beyond the scope of a single organization. On the other hand, internal factors such as leadership, strategic vision and clarity, management systems or processes can often be addressed through capacity building and organizational development.

Resolving these issues enhances an organization’s chances of success. Africa Affine Partners’s capacity building and organisational programs enables organizations to have the greatest possible impact by improving their leadership and management skills and developing a more robust structure. Stronger organisations achieve better social justice outcomes and are more sustainable, resilient and effective.

We hope to enable organizations to better address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have the greatest impact on the most disadvantaged. 

The Program

This program is designed to support private and public institution to make best use of their human and financial resources to maintain business sustainability. With great focus on delivering successful strategies, emerging tools as well as specific skills and tactics necessary to build the capacity, the program aims at empowering the organizations to better perform internally and towards the community they serve.